Cattaleya De La Vega

Yes, that’s my name Cattaleya and I’m an “Imperfect Rebel” meaning that I don’t care about being perfect, waking up everyday at 5 am greeting the Sun with my journal in hands while drinking a green juice… No! That’s not my vibe! Not that I haven’t tried, I tried and it was a big pain! It didn’t make my life better at all waking up with the sun drinking green… But hey if it works for you I’m super glad make sure you write to me letting me know what changed in your life ’cause you know… I’m very curious!!!

Why you should read me? Because I’ll be honest and open, there is no bullshit on this page and I also want to hear from you… I want to know exactly what you think!

Here… we I’ll be writing about random stuff and things… from books to the weather in case I’ve got nothing to write about…

Let’s have fun!

XOXO , cattaleya

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